Most frequent questions and answers

You can do this course if you are 14+

Our core value is equality so all courses are open to everyone apart from under 14.

We can take two payments so you do not need to pay it all at once.

We have a leaflet that we can provide to show the many benefits of taking the course. If this does not work we can directly speak to your parents and see if we can change their mind.

Your studies will not be affected. The course will take place outside of class time and will not require a lot of time outside of the course.

This allows you to build a new skill and start your own business from home. It guarantees you will not be out of a job as there are always jobs available for beauty and you can start earning above minimum wage when you are in college.

Yes we can do a one on one class if you prefer but you will have to contact us to discuss further details about these sessions

You can fill in the form given to you and hand it back to the school or alternatively you can use our contact page to let us know to save you a spot. Don’t wait too long in case all the spaces get filled up.

You only need to come in comfortable clothes with your hair neatly put back and bring a pen and paper for the class.

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